Zeolite Usage

All the benefits of taking zeolite cannot be summed up so easily. This amazing, healing mineral works in a simple way, and yet has endless applications.

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Nearly all sickness can be attributed to destructive toxins building up in the body. We are exposed to toxins each day from air, food, and water.  They throw off the body’s pH, and send it into an acidic state. When the body is acidic, this is when viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites can easily grow and overwhelm the immune system. Zeolite absorbs and removes toxic materials like a magnet, and safely carries them out of the body. Compared to other methods of detox, zeolite is extremely gentle.

Additionally, zeolite is an alkaline mineral, so it helps to push the body into an alkaline state as it circulates through the body. This is very important if you are sick or healing because it pushes pH balance a bit higher, to help create that much needed healthy environment in the body.

All Zeolite Supplements are Not the Same

The fact that not all zeolite supplements are created equal is an extremely important concept to understand before blindly purchasing a zeolite supplement.

There are dozens of zeolite supplements on the market. Many disappear off the market within a year or two, and a few major brands have stuck around. But just because your friend has used a certain zeolite supplement for years does not mean it’s a quality supplement.

Liquid Zeolite is Ineffective for Detoxing


Zeolite liquids are usually on the cheaper end of the spectrum, which make them alluring to first time zeolite users who don’t want to invest that much to try out a product.  On the other hand, some zeolite liquids are very expensive because they are sold by multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, which has huge markups so distributors can make profits.

What is really in Liquid Zeolite?

Any liquid product you get is not worth the money because it is not liquefied zeolite. Liquid zeolite is a tiny amount of zeolite powder in water. The amount of zeolite you get in a typical zeolite bottle is not enough to do any significant detoxing, even if you drank the entire bottle all at once. Further, if you pay $20 for a bottle of liquid, you are probably only getting 5 cents worth of zeolite (if even that much).

This is why it is always better to go with a powder or encapsulated powder product. You will get a significant amount of zeolite that will work to actually detox heavy metals from your body and improve overall health.

Many Liquid Zeolite Products Have Attractive Marketing

Since liquid zeolite products are a complete waste of time and money, companies have to make their products stand out against the competition. Some of the commonly used claims are ‘nano zeolite,’ ‘advanced zeolite,’ ‘ultra zeolite,’ ‘activated zeolite,’ and ‘cellular zeolite.’ All of these phrases are marketing nonsense that try to convince customers that their products has special powers. (MLM companies especially use these phrases to try to justify their high prices.) None of these phrases mean anything. As a doctor and expert on zeolite, I can assure you that there is no such thing as nano zeolite, advanced zeolite, ultra zeolite, activated zeolite or cellular zeolite.

What is Important in Finding a Zeolite?

All you have to worry about when finding a zeolite supplements is: 1. That it is a powder or encapsulated powder product, 2. That it is micronized and not milled, and 3. That it is very pure zeolite. The more pure the zeolite, the more it will detox. If it has low purity, this means that zeolite already absorbed many toxins before it was mined, and cannot absorb much more. It’s that simple. You can discover the purity of a zeolite by calling a company and asking to see lab results. I have never seen purity higher that 91-93% percent. I would be skeptical if a company told me their purity was higher, with no 3rd party paperwork to prove this.

Recommended Zeolite Products

There are several zeolite supplements that I recommend.

  1. Zeolite Powder– Good for any health situation or just for a general detox. You can easily adjust the dose based on your needs. Directions for Zeolite Powder.
  1. Zeolite with Humic Acid– Great for detoxing, fighting viruses, and adding trace nutrients, which repair cells, into diet. Directions for Zeolite with Humic Acid.
  1. Zeolite with Calcium and Vitamin B-12– The combination of zeolite and calcium helps to boost pH quickly and effectively to create a healthy environment fast, where viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and cancerous cells find it difficult to survive. Directions for Zeolite with Calcium.
  1. Zeolite for Diarrhea– Nearly all diarrhea issues are caused or exacerbated by toxins. Zeolite helps to calm the bowels, absorb excess water, and balance pH in the gut, promoting the growth of beneficial fauna and flora. Directions for Zeolite for Diarrhea.

Please Note: I do not recommend any LIQUID ZEOLITE PRODUCTS, as they are not liquefied zeolite. Zeolite cannot be liquefied, as it destroys the essential structure of the zeolite, which is necessary for detoxing. Liquid zeolite supplements are only a pinch of zeolite powder in water, and are ineffective for detoxing.