Recommended Zeolite Products

There are several zeolite supplements that I recommend.

  1. Zeolite Powder– Good for any health situation or just for a general detox. You can easily adjust the dose based on your needs. Directions for Zeolite Powder.
  1. Zeolite with Humic Acid– Great for detoxing, fighting viruses, and adding trace nutrients, which repair cells, into diet. Directions for Zeolite with Humic Acid.
  1. Zeolite with Calcium and Vitamin B-12– The combination of zeolite and calcium helps to boost pH quickly and effectively to create a healthy environment fast, where viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and cancerous cells find it difficult to survive. Directions for Zeolite with Calcium.
  1. Zeolite for Diarrhea– Nearly all diarrhea issues are caused or exacerbated by toxins. Zeolite helps to calm the bowels, absorb excess water, and balance pH in the gut, promoting the growth of beneficial fauna and flora. Directions for Zeolite for Diarrhea.

Please Note: I do not recommend any LIQUID ZEOLITE PRODUCTS, as they are not liquefied zeolite. Zeolite cannot be liquefied, as it destroys the essential structure of the zeolite, which is necessary for detoxing. Liquid zeolite supplements are only a pinch of zeolite powder in water, and are ineffective for detoxing.