Zeolite Usage

All the benefits of taking zeolite cannot be summed up so easily. This amazing, healing mineral works in a simple way, and yet has endless applications.

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Nearly all sickness can be attributed to destructive toxins building up in the body. We are exposed to toxins each day from air, food, and water.  They throw off the body’s pH, and send it into an acidic state. When the body is acidic, this is when viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites can easily grow and overwhelm the immune system. Zeolite absorbs and removes toxic materials like a magnet, and safely carries them out of the body. Compared to other methods of detox, zeolite is extremely gentle.

Additionally, zeolite is an alkaline mineral, so it helps to push the body into an alkaline state as it circulates through the body. This is very important if you are sick or healing because it pushes pH balance a bit higher, to help create that much needed healthy environment in the body.